Terms of Service

Basic Information


  • We always try to respond to every email sent on a daily basis, but sometimes, for a variety of reasons, this just isn’t possible. Please allow up to 48 hours for a response. After 48 hours, if you have not received a response, please email again as the email may have been lost or overlooked.


  • We require half of the estimated price of the “work” upfront. If the work is estimated to be $100.00, then $50.00 will be required as the deposit. For work $50.00 and under, the full price will be requested in advance. We will send an invoice for the amount, whether it’s for a deposit, full payment of work, or the remainder balance. Payment is required within 72 hours of the time the invoice is sent, unless other arrangements have been made.

Image Rights:

  • Because our images are purchased via stock image sites, the client is responsible for following their Terms of Service. We will post the rights and usages terms for the client to look over.


  • Unless we physically cannot complete the work, we do not offer refunds. If for some reason the client does not need the design they requested, we will put the cost of their purchase toward their next order.
  • If we’ve already started the work and they decide they no longer need it, we will deduct the price of the work already completed and put the remainder toward a later project.

Custom Designs

Custom Cover, WordPress Theme, Website Designs:

  • We will create up to 3 (three) mock-up designs** and allow for minor changes to those designs for the quoted price. However, an excessive amount of changes may incur additional fees. As with any added fee, this will be discussed in advance.

WordPress Themes:

  • Our themes support plug-ins, but some require special changes, which we are not responsible for. If you’d like the theme customized for certain plug-ins, this will incur additional fee(s).


** We do not create 3 mock-ups to begin with. We create one and if the client is happy, we complete the project. We only move on to a second mock-up if the design doesn’t fit or isn’t what the client wants.

Pre-made Designs

Cover Designs:

  • Covers are purchased as-is. We will change the author name and book title on the cover at no cost. However, any other changes will incur an additional fee.

WordPress Themes:

  • WordPress Themes are purchased as-is. Unless there is a problem with the code in the initial design (meaning an error in the coding on our end), any modifications to the design may incur an additional fee.
  • Our themes support plug-ins, but some plug-ins require special changes, which we are not responsible for. Changes of this kind may also incur an additional fee.
  • Once the design has been completed, any changes or updates requested will incur additional fees.


  • Unless there is an error on our part, any changes will incur additional fees. In other words, if we’ve completed the formatting and the client finds a typo they’d like fixed, the client will be charged for any changes.

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